This is not your George’s Star Wars...
This photo exhibition was created by Michael Love -
filmmaker /photographer

Star Wars 1977 , the original movie has had a profound influence on me as a child and even now as a man. My creative mind was ignited thanks to George Lucas and this film. Sure I had the action figures, the posters, the comic books even the record just like so many other fans. Phrases like ‘evil empire’ and ‘May the Force be with you’ have become popular lexicon. The characters and their themes that revolved around myths and legends are universal. It’s because of this one film I became a filmmaker. I am blessed to have followed my dream and to this day remember the feelings I had when at the age of seven when I first experienced this imaginative story. Star Wars helped me to open my mind, to create, to think the impossible was possible.

The project LOVE’s STAR WARS -sexy Star Wars Photography - has given me so much enjoyment and pleasure. As i get older I sometimes forget how much fun you can have with your camera and a little imagination.

Everyone who colaberated in this project walks away with a big smile on their face just like i had as a kid watching the movie so many years ago.

This theme of Fan Photography is Star Wars and is fun and sexy, I hope my photography relects that. -Michael Love


* Under any circumstances none of these images, videos and photos are to be associated with Lucasfilm Ltd. and or Disney Corporation and are fan based creations. For mature audience only not for children. The purpose and characters in these images and photographs have transformed into something new by adding different meaning insight and understanding /this is a parity and satire project. *